Privacy & Terms of Use

Terms of Use

When you purchase any of these designs or when you download a free template, you may print and make the project as many times as you wish, and you may decorate and customize your printed templates.

  • You may not remove or hide the copyright information or modify the digital file in any way.
  • You may not copy the digital file or forward it to anyone else — even the free templates.
  • The cards you make based on these designs are for personal use only. You may give them to friends for free, but you may not sell them without prior written authorization, even if you have decorated or added elements to the original design.

Privacy Policy

Boy in Window

Privacy policies are usually long, boring, and written in legalese (an incomprehensible language which combines English, Latin and Klingon). This one is short and sweet, because really, it’s very simple.

  1. I do not see or collect any of your personal financial data. I send you over to Paypal when you’re ready to buy so that neither I nor you have to worry about any security breach.
  2. I ask you for your physical address for the sole purpose of complying with the law, so I can collect the correct amount of sales tax. I never send out any mailings (unless of course, you ordered the pop-up paper house kit).
  3. I do keep your email addresses for my records, but I do not put you on my email list unless you confirm that you want to receive my newsletters. You can change your mind and unsubscribe at any time by clicking on a link in the footer of my newsletters. Please click “unsubscribe” rather than “junk,” because if you mark my email as spam other people might have difficulty getting my messages.
  4. I keep records of your purchases and downloads, for accounting purposes. I also occasionally look at my website stats and page views, but I’d much rather spend my time designing pop-up cards than obsessing over clicks.
  5. I never, EVER share or sell any of your information to anyone else (person or company).

You have my word!