Custom Pop-up Design

I love designing custom pop-up cards: it is always a fun challenge to develop the project you’ve been imagining. Collaboration can be very rewarding: it will stretch your imagination and mine, as together we make a card even better than we’d thought possible. Check out more photos of my custom pop-up designs for inspiration.



Cost of a custom design

A custom card will never cost less than $100, and it can easily cost much moreMany different factors influence the cost: the pop-up style influences the time it takes to design the card. If you want me to make your cards for you, this will increase the price. Besides printing and paper, pop-ups must be hand-made, which is very time consuming. In general, a card designed from scratch (which is not based on one of my existing templates) will start around $500 for the design work alone, then extra for fabrication. It can be less if it’s a relatively simple design, like text popping out of the page, or more if it’s a photo-realistic card requiring not only paper engineering but also extensive graphic design work.

Cost of Fabrication

custom pop-up design

Fabrication cost will also vary depending on the design and quantity. I can make a limited number of cards for you, or I can have them factory-made if you need 5000 or more. Any number in between I could only deliver as a ready to assemble “kit” with the printed template pre-cut and scored and ready to fold — but once again, depending on the card design, there could be exceptions.

A quote for a large quantity of factory-made cards will have to be in two phases. You will receive one quote for the design (with a very rough estimate of the production cost), then, once the design completed, approved, and paid for you will receive a second quote for the fabrication. No factory can give an accurate estimate of the production cost without seeing the final design.

Pop-up card style

There are many different techniques for fabricating pop-up cards, but they can be divided into two general categories:
90 degrees colorThis piano is a 90° style card, printed in color with photo realistic images.


This slice of cake is a 180° style card. The pop-up has no printing (only colored paper is used)

Request an estimate for your own custom pop-up design

If I haven’t frightened you away, please give me some details about your project by filling out the form below. You must give me specific information about the style of card, the quantity  and size you need, and please describe what you want the pop-up to represent! Please include photos or sketches if you have them. Images are extremely useful. Let me know what artwork you will provide. Will you be designing the card cover (the exterior) or do you want my quote to include graphic design as well as paper engineering? If you give me a good description I can get back to you with an estimate; otherwise I will just be contacting you to ask for all this information again.

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90 degrees color

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Please note: custom pop-up design payments are not refundable, so you will “pay as you go”.

The proposal will include a payment schedule, starting with an initial deposit when the proposal is accepted. Subsequent payments are due when you approve the various phases of the design and fabrication.