Everyone loves being pampered once in a while. If you want to treat a friend to a pedicure, make it memorable by handing them your gift card in this pop-up card. It’s easy to make with a few simple tools. The template, complete with cover and a pocket to hold your pedicure gift card, can be printed on a single sheet of paper.

This download includes two templates, the first with with the printable template pictured above, the second as a blank, with only the cut and fold lines. Use that to decorate and customize as you wish, by printing on colored paper and making a collage, or by adding glitter or anything else you can think of! Just remember to take a picture of your masterpiece and post it here.

Free Fruit Fly Trap

blank fruit fly trap
This paper fruit fly trap is an easy and quick DIY solution to those pesky fruit flies. Print this out on colored card stock, arrange multiple traps strategically around your place for an attractive and efficient strategy to get rid of your infestation within a few days. The download comes not only with the template but with instructions for baiting your traps (hint: it’s very easy!)

This template is FREE, but if you’d like to support my work please feel free to name your price! If you do, I will…

Thank You
…with a template for this pop-up thank you card.

If you like this fruit fly trap, you can also purchase the same trap with the luscious orange design pictured below. The template is designed to be printed on both sides of a single letter sized sheet of paper so the cut and fold lines will be invisible on your final product.

Fruit fly trap

Thank You

This photo shows both the card’s cover (“IOU A BIG“) and the interior “THANK YOU!” with the K and Y popping up. As you can see in the video tutorial below this card is very easy and quick to make.

This pop-up card is not for sale — directly. It is my thank you gift to those who purchase any of my designs and then sign up for an occasional newsletter. You can also get this template if you get one of my free pop-up cards (below) and select the “Name your Price” option. After you confirm your subscription to my newsletter, you will receive an email with the link to the Thank You template.

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Shopping Cart

shopping-cartWhether the occasion is a birthday, an anniversary, mother’s day, employee appreciation day, Christmas or Hanukkah, sometimes the most considerate gift is a little piece of plastic — a gift card. Make yours personal with this printable pop-up shopping cart. Its built-in credit card sized slot makes it the perfect vehicle to deliver your gift certificate. Print it out on a single sheet of paper, cut it, fold it, then send out your invitation to a memorable shopping spree.

shopping-invitation shopping-spreeThis PDF template includes the cover and the text, but if you’d like to design your own cover and caption, the download also comes with a text-free version.

Teacher’s Dove

How many mugs should you give a teacher?
a) One per semester, per student
b) A half dozen
c) None, teachers would prefer cash
d) Just one mug, with your child’s picture

The correct answer is c for Cash. Yes, they would even prefer that to the mug  with your child’s photo or artwork — they see those all day, so give them a break, and let them have their morning coffee in peas!

It is called cold cash for a reason though, so personalize your gift with this easy to make holiday pop-up card. The front shows the answer to an (unasked) test question, which is sure to amuse any teacher involved in standardized test prep. Inside, the  pop-up dove carries an olive branch — and in the back a slit in the card allows you to insert either cash or a gift card. Have all the classmates sign the card for a group gift, or be the teacher’s dove and keep it personal!



Slice of Cake

This is an all purpose printable pop-up card: a slice of cake is perfect for a birthday, of course, but also as a Valentine or to celebrate your first wedding anniversary, when tradition dictates gifts made of paper, and consuming the left-over slice of wedding cake.cake-open-closed

Print a ready-to-eat slice of cake, or decorate your own

The template comes with a photo realistic, home baked pop-up slice of cake but you can also choose a blank template with cut and fold lines, so you can decorate your own. A selection of sentiments can be added to the interior of your card (including “Happy Birthday” “Be Mine” “Happy anniversary” “Happy Valentine’s Day” or for the carrot cake, “Eat Your Veggies”) or use the blank heart to write your own message. The exterior is equally easy to customize. You can glue your cake with its plate inside any card (even a store-bought one!), as long as your folded card measures at least 4.5″ by 6.25″ (11.5cm by 16cm).

customize-slice-of-cake 3slices-of-cakeslice-of-cake
This vanilla cake template comes with the recipe used to bake this very cake, including instructions for the butter cream frosting, printed on the back of the card cover.

Choose a healthy carrot pop-up cake

Same pop-up, different cake for those who like their veggies sweet. The front card text is slightly different in this version: “Loving you is a piece of…” it says, leaving the punchline inside the card.

Mini Rubik’s Cube

This printable miniature Rubik’s cube is cut in one piece from a single sheet of letter sized paper. Yet it works! Just like its full-sized cousin, this mini Rubik’s cube can be solved with three quick rotations. It is perfect for wrapping many small gifts (from a jawbreaker to an engagement ring) but it is exciting enough to be given on its own.



This animation shows the full-sized cube in action. The mini Rubik’s cube you are downloading here works in just the same way.

The mini Rubik’s cube measures just 1.25″ (3.2cm) but is is a fully functional puzzle. To enhance its use as a box, the PDF template includes a removable colored strip which holds it securely shut.

Rubik’s Cube® used by permission of Rubik’s Brand Ltd

The Paper Rubik’s cube is the ONLY Rubik’s cube EVERYONE can solve

This video shows the full size Rubik’s cube, but the mini Rubik’s cube works in exactly the same way — the only difference is you can print it on one piece of regular letter sized paper!

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cube-calendar-puzzle-box2015 Desktop Calendar

All 12 months fit on the 6 faces of this cube — yet there is only one month per side!