House and Tree


The house and tree pop up in beautiful 3D, yet this card is surprisingly easy to make — but best of all the whole scene jumps out of a single sheet of paper! The template is formatted on letter sized paper, but it can also be printed on A4.


gr8 teacher card
Customize this card to tell your loved one how much you appreci8 them, how you think they’re gr8 or use this template to cre8 your own special message.

This template is FREE, but if you’d like to support my work please feel free to name your price! If you do, I will…

Thank You
…with a template for this pop-up thank you card.

Please note: template includes instructions and cut and fold lines for the number eight only — it does not include any text (such as “you’ve been a gr8 teacher”) or any decoration.


camel hump-day-closed hump-day-open

Hump day, in case you’ve missed the Geigo commercial, is Wednesday, the half point of the regular Mon-Fri work week. But you can customize the text on this card, turn it into a get-well card (Congratulations, you made it over the hump!) or dream up any other clever slogan. You could even use this as a Christmas card!

If you know how to cut with a scalpel knife this card is very easy and quick to make.


Menorah + Turkey = Menorkey! Those of you who are American and Jewish will know that 2013 was a very special year: Thanksgiving and Hannukkah overlapped for the first time since 1888. We’ll have to wait much longer for the next occurrence: Thanksgivukkah won’t happen again for another seventy nine thousand and forty three years… so I couldn’t resist, I had to combine a pop-up turkey with a Menorah to celebrate this once in many many lifetimes event. Happy Thanksgivukkah!

This template is FREE, but if you’d like to support my work please feel free to name your price! If you do, I will…

Thank You
…with a template for this pop-up thank you card.

Please note: the template you are downloading will be blank — this is a do it yourself, decorate it yourself project! I decorated the card photographed above, and I hope you will share your work here too!

All my downloads include a template for you to print and instructions. Following are a few photos which should help you fold the card:

menorkey step1 menorkey step2 menorkey step3 menorkey step4 menorkey step5

Blank pop-up house

Do you want to hang paintings by Rembrandt or Picasso on your walls, color your sofa purple or own a priceless antique oriental carpet? This template can make all those dreams come true — it’s up to you, since you’re the decorator.

The blank pop-up house includes PDF files for eight rooms and for the foam core house structure which will hold them all together. Each pop-up card, which creates the floor, one wall and all the furniture, is made of a single sheet of paper which you can print on standard letter sized paper. Cut on the lines, fold along the dots and dashes, then unleash your creativity.

Georgia drawing

These rooms fit into the same house structure as the pop-up house kit and download, so you can swap rooms around if you tire of a particular decorating scheme.

blank pop up house kitchen


blank pop up house bathroom


When you’re all done, don’t forget to take pictures and share your work with the world!

blank pop-up house dining

Dining room

blank pop up house living room

Living room


blank pop-up house master bedroom


blank stairs

Downstairs hall

blank pop-up house upstairs hall

Upstairs hall

blank pop-up house kids room

Kid’s room with bunk bed

Pop-up House Kit

The pop-up paper house kit comes with everything you need to make this two story, eight room, and incredibly detailed foldable house.

This limited edition kit includes seventeen templates, cut, scored and ready to fold and assemble into eight pop-up rooms complete with all the furniture and accessories. The rooms open and close as easily as a book. Features a closet, which opens to reveal hanging clothes, mirrors in the bathroom and over the baby’s crib, a Steinway grand piano, and artwork throughout the house.

cardboardstructureThe kit also includes a lightweight but sturdy corrugated cardboard house structure which is printed with matching graphics, die-cut and ready to assemble without any additional tools or hardware. Put it together like a simple 3D puzzle, and pull it apart when you’re ready to store your pop-up house flat.


boxComes with fully illustrated instructions, or view the video tutorials here.

Shipping box can be saved and used to store the completed house when it is not in use.

You will need to fold the cards, glue them together and attach them to the house structure. An experienced paper crafter can finish the project in under two hours, a beginner will need an afternoon or two. Build the cards in the same order as shown on the instructions, from easiest to most difficult. By the time you finish the project you will be an expert paper folder!

A downloadable version of the same house is available here. You will need to print it yourself, then cut and score each card, but they are the exact same size as this kit, so the rooms can be used as replacements in case one of your cards is damaged. Rooms can also be downloaded individually.

For the US, USPS priority shipping fee $12.
International fist class shipping will cost $25.

You can now purchase this kit at the following stores:

Brooklyn Women’s Exchange
Heights Kids

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Structure for Pop-up Paper House

Give your pop-up rooms some solid walls and floors! This kit, including 8 pieces of strong but lightweight double ply corrugated card board, comes printed with graphics to match your pop-up rooms. It is mailed flat but the interlocking pieces are easy and quick to assemble without any additional hardware or materials. After you glue your pop-up rooms to the walls your completed house will still fold flat for storage and travel.

This house structure is included in the pop-up paper house kit, you only need to purchase it for use with the PDF download. Only 50 cardboard structures left! Once these are gone, the only way to get one will be to order the full kit.


If you would like to pick up the structure from Brooklyn, NY, contact me and when you check out use the discount code NO-SHIPPING for a $12 discount which covers the flat USPS priority shipping fee. International fist class shipping will cost $25.

Another option is to order the bamboo house structure for $62.00 from the “maker-on-demand” company, Ponoko, but this laser-cut version does not come with the house graphics pre-printed, so you will need to do some extra cutting and pasting (the image file is included with the Pop-up Paper House download). You cannot add the bamboo structure to your cart on this website, instead click on the link to buy it directly from Ponoko. It will take several weeks to be manufactured and shipped to you.

This video shows a finished foam core prototype (with all the pop-up rooms attached) being assembled and pulled apart.