A Card for a Gift Card

gift card

Wrap your gift card in a pop-up gift card

The problem with gift cards is that they are very boring to open. No matter how welcome the money is, it’s hard to get excited by a piece of plastic. This super easy pop-up card solves the problem: make a pop-up gift card, and slip the plastic card right into a slot in the pop-up present.

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Other ideas for giving cash:gift cardA multiple choice holiday card for your favorite teacher. Although the pocket is designed for cash, it can be reduced to credit card size. Sign up for the free template.

School-bus-gift-cardShow your gratitude to your school bus driver.


Valentine Heart

Valentine HeartThis super easy valentine is so quick to make you can carve out pop-up hearts for a whole classroom of kids — but you can also spend a lot of time decorating and making it unique for that one special person. FREE TEMPLATE

Easy Pop-Up Room

If you like my pop-up house but you’re not sure if you’re up to making all eight rooms, try this free template for a very easy to make pop-up room — it even includes a miniature version of the pop-up paper house! This room can be cut with a pair of scissors and has very detailed instructions, so it’s a great card to start with.

Please note that this room is NOT designed to fit onto the pop-up paper house.

Martini Glass

This FREE template is perfect to send out as invitations to a cocktail party because it is so easy and quick. With a little practice you can make a dozen in a half an hour.


DovePut an olive branch in this dove’s beak and send her off for the holidays in hope of world peace — or swap the olive branch with a note and the dove turns into a homing pigeon ready to deliver your message. This elegant and easy pop-up is FREE, and has detailed step by step instructions.

The video below shows a tutorial for the pop-up stork, but since the paper engineering is very similar, it will help you understand how to make this card as well.


CD or DVD cover

DVD coverA CD or DVD cover is hopelessly old fashioned by now, but once in a while the occasion might still come up when you can use a pretty holiday gift case (CD of kids playing music or DVD of baby’s first steps as a gift for grandparents, for example).

This FREE TEMPLATE is very easy to make, looks very festive and can be customized for your use.