3D Fire Truck

Download this 3D pop-up paper fire truck to make the perfect toy for travel. It is lightweight, it folds flat, and if you loose it, just print another!

Printable fire truck also makes a great stocking stuffer or gift to add to birthday party goodie bags. A paper toy makes an ideal party favor — inexpensive yet fun and creative, plus environmentally friendly — your friends will thank you for not loading up their kids with more worthless plastic or candy.

Need another party idea? Use this fire truck as a place tag to decorate your table!

Of course you can always just slip this fire truck into an envelope and send it in the mail…


The template can be printed on a single sheet of either standard  letter sized (8.5″ x 11″) or A4 formats, and comes with step by step, illustrated instructions.

This is an intermediate project which a 8-10 year old child should be able to master with some guidance. Any child three years and up will have all the skill necessary for playing with this fire truck.

MEA CULPA apology

mea culpaSaying “Sorry” is a lot more difficult than just uttering two syllables. Expressing regret usually isn’t quite enough, you need to offer a true “Mea culpa,” you have to take responsibility and shoulder the blame — sometimes even if you feel completely innocent! This MEA CULPA apology pop-up card will set you on the path to forgiveness, and it will work much better than a bouquet of flowers — though presenting it along with some nice red roses will certainly help too.


 Mea culpa means “through my fault” in Latin

forgiveEven though your apology is written in latin, the emojis and pop-up arrows deliver your message in a visual language universally understood. Download includes instructions and a second version with the arrows and emojis but without the text, so you can write your own message.

This card, complete with the cover, can be printed on a single sheet of letter sized paper.

3D school bus

Use this printable 3D school bus as a card (it makes a great gift for your bus driver) or as a fun paper toy which is easy to make and even easier to put away and store! The freestanding 3D school bus springs out of the flat card and even includes a moving stop sign. Just pull on the exhaust pipe to make the stop sign pop up or fold back in place!

3D school bus

This template can be printed on a single sheet of either standard  letter sized (8.5″ x 11″) or A4 formats.

schoolbusThis is an intermediate project which a 8-10 year old child should be able to master with some guidance, or you can download the 90° school bus which is even easier to make.


This family of four (plus dog) really look like they’re walking, and the effect is achieved with a single sheet of paper precisely cut and folded. The pop-up family is not difficult to make but you will need patience and skill to cut out all the details, so this printable template is best undertaken if you already have some craft experience.Family-CU
In the card shown here, only the yellow balloon is cut out with the rest of the template: the red and blue balloons are cut from colored pieces of scrap paper, and the strings and hand-drawn.


Everyone loves being pampered once in a while. If you want to treat a friend to a pedicure, make it memorable by handing them your gift card in this pop-up card. It’s easy to make with a few simple tools. The template, complete with cover and a pocket to hold your pedicure gift card, can be printed on a single sheet of paper.

This download includes two templates, the first with with the printable template pictured above, the second as a blank, with only the cut and fold lines. Use that to decorate and customize as you wish, by printing on colored paper and making a collage, or by adding glitter or anything else you can think of! Just remember to take a picture of your masterpiece and post it here.

Free Fruit Fly Trap

blank fruit fly trap
This paper fruit fly trap is an easy and quick DIY solution to those pesky fruit flies. Print this out on colored card stock, arrange multiple traps strategically around your place for an attractive and efficient strategy to get rid of your infestation within a few days. The download comes not only with the template but with instructions for baiting your traps (hint: it’s very easy!)

This template is FREE, but if you’d like to support my work please feel free to name your price! If you do, I will…

Thank You
…with a template for this pop-up thank you card.

If you like this fruit fly trap, you can also purchase the same trap with the luscious orange design pictured below. The template is designed to be printed on both sides of a single letter sized sheet of paper so the cut and fold lines will be invisible on your final product.

Fruit fly trap

Thank You

This photo shows both the card’s cover (“IOU A BIG“) and the interior “THANK YOU!” with the K and Y popping up. As you can see in the video tutorial below this card is very easy and quick to make.

This pop-up card is not for sale — directly. It is my thank you gift to those who purchase any of my designs and then sign up for an occasional newsletter. You can also get this template if you get one of my free pop-up cards (below) and select the “Name your Price” option. After you confirm your subscription to my newsletter, you will receive an email with the link to the Thank You template.

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