Martini Glass

This FREE template is perfect to send out as invitations to a cocktail party because it is so easy and quick. With a little practice you can make a dozen in a half an hour.


DovePut an olive branch in this dove’s beak and send her off for the holidays in hope of world peace — or swap the olive branch with a note and the dove turns into a homing pigeon ready to deliver your message. This elegant and easy pop-up is FREE, and has detailed step by step instructions.


CD or DVD cover

DVD coverA CD or DVD cover is hopelessly old fashioned by now, but once in a while the occasion might still come up when you can use a pretty holiday gift case (CD of kids playing music or DVD of baby’s first steps as a gift for grandparents, for example).

This FREE TEMPLATE is very easy to make, looks very festive and can be customized for your use.

House structure template


To assemble all the rooms of your pop-up paper house you will need to build a supporting structure. Use the PDF template in this download to build your own lightweight foam core structure. Foam core, available in any art supply store, can be cut easily with your scalpel knife. This design fits together to create a sturdy structure without any glue, nail or screw, which means you can also pull it apart for flat storage or travel, as you can see in the video of the completed structure below.

This template is designed to be used with 3/16″ thick foam core, but it can also be used with any sheet material up to 1/4″ thick (perhaps with a little extra filing to get the pieces to fit together smoothly). The download comes with illustrated instructions, and three versions of the same template formatted to be printed on different sized paper. The tabloid format (11″ by 17″) is preferred, but if you do not have access to a large format printer either the letter or the A4 template can be used.

You only need this file if you bought the individual pop-up rooms separately: this template is included with the complete pop-up paper house download for $12.95

Chess Set

Though this set looks impressive, both the trellis chess board and all the pieces are very easy to make with a simple pair of scissors. No special tools or paper craft experience required — but the best part of this design is that you can fold up the board with all the chess pieces in place. Put it away now, and finish your game later!

The board is 11″ x 11″ x 1.25″ and the pieces are between 2″ and 3″ high. Click on the pictures to view video tutorials (for the chess board, the knights and the rooks), or scroll to the bottom of this post.

Brooklyn Building

Brooklyn Building
Two pop-up cards interlock to create this accurate architectural rendition of a real Brooklyn apartment building. It is an easy pop-up to make if you know how to use an Xacto knife.

The PDF template includes detailed instructions.