Blue Mountain Cover

Blue mountains
Another year has gone by. This moody cover showing a solitary blue mountain sets the recipient up for the perfect pop-up surprise. They will open the card to discover a colorful  slice of cake with wishes for a happy birthday, an invitation to a New Year’s party with a martini glass, or whatever pop-up you choose to pair it with. 

Download and print your Blue Mountain Card

blue mountainThe printable PDF  template also includes a version without text. Both versions are included with the download

This standard 5″ by 7″ card is formatted to print on letter sized (8.5″ by 11″) paper, but the design will also print on an A4 sheet without any cropping or scaling. This card fits into an A7 envelope.

Order prints to be shipped in bulk

When you want to mail out cards to a large group of people, printing and making them all yourself is not the best option. Most home printers can’t handle the thick card stock which is standard for greeting cards, so a DYI printed card won’t feel as satisfying. Please fill out the form below to request a quote for professionally printed cards in bulk.

All cards are professionally printed on heavy 13pt matte cover stock.

If you have other custom requests please use the comments field.

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Restaurant Gift Card

The best presents are often those which can’t be wrapped in a box: experiences. Give the gift of dinner, a movie, tickets to a sports event or concert! Unfortunately, as wonderful as these are to receive, it is hard to turn experiences into an exciting tactile gift.

Here is your solution!

restaurant gift cardrestaurant gift card with coverDownload and make this very easy and quick pop-up card designed to present a restaurant gift card. The template includes a cover announcing that “Your Table Awaits…” with a simple design, printable on either white or colored card stock. Open the card and discover a table with two chairs. Notches will fix any standard plastic gift card prominently in place. 

Restaurant Gift Card “A la carte”

Download and make this printable template in just a few minutes (especially if you have the right tools) for a one stop solution, or customize it and decorate to your heart’s delight.

  • Use the cover which is included with the download, glue the pop-up interior to any standard 5″ by 7″ card, or design your own cover! 
  • Attach the restaurant gift card either on the wall above the table, or on the floor, like a carpet.
  • Add a table cloth (in the photo above, this was a piece of tissue fixed to the table with double-sided tape).
  • Draw on some plates, glasses, wall-paper, a hovering waiter, a bottle of wine, and presto! You have turned a generic plastic gift card into something really memorable and personal.
  • Add printed text to your design. Since this card is symmetrical, you can easily use the template as a background image to position any text you’d like to print on the front of the pop-up (the cut and fold lines are printed on the back of the pop-up elements, so they are not visible when the pop-up is glued to the cover).

3D Kaaba

Celebrate Eid al-Adha, the festival of the sacrifice, with this 3D pop-up representing the Kaaba at Mecca. This is the building the Prophet Ibrahim built with his son Ishmael after he proved to God the strength of his faith — and God spared him from making the sacrifice of his son’s life.kaaba-3d

This template is for the pop-up element only. You can attach the Kaaba to the card of your choice, whether that be a home-made creation or a store-bought printed card. It will fit on any standard sized card.

Although the printable pattern is formatted for a standard letter sized sheet (8.5″ by 11″), you can also print it on A4. After you cut out the shape with a pair of scissors, folding and gluing is very quick and easy. Download the template now and start crafting! No need to wait for shipping. Print and make as many as you wish for your friends and family. 

Make another Kaaba pop-up card

mecca-kaabaIf you are looking for a pop-up Kaaba which is even easier and faster to make, download this 90° pop-up card. It is simple enough for a young child to make.

Mecca Kaaba

Celebrate Eid al-Adha, the festival of the sacrifice, with this pop-up card representing the Kaaba at Mecca. This is the building the Prophet Ibrahim built with his son Ishmael after he proved to God the strength of his faith — and God spared him from making the sacrifice of his son’s life.

mecca-kaabaThis is a good craft project for children, because it is very easy to make. Print, fold, and make two cuts with a pair of scissors. Download the printable template once, and print it as many times as you wish to send to all your friends or relatives, whether they are making the Hajj or celebrating at home.

The card measures 6.5″ by 4.25″ and you can print it on a standard letter sized sheet or on A4 paper. For best results, use light card stock, but a nice, heavy printer paper will work as well.

Make a freestanding Kaaba

kaaba-3dThis 3D Kaaba is also easy to make, although cutting and assembling it will take a bit longer. You can add the pop-up element to any card of your choosing.

2017 Desk Calendar

Each face of the 2017 desk calendar shows a full month. A cube has just six sides. Yet this paper puzzle cube can display all 12 months! You have 6 months to unlock the secret hidden in the folds of this clever cube — or you can just watch the video below.

This video shows the 2015 cube. The template has been updated for 2017

Calendar-labelWait! There’s more! This is not just a calendar, it is also a box, which comes with a pop-up gift label, so you can offer someone a gift within a gift!

Please note: this download is for the 2017 calendar. If you would like the updated 2018 calendar click here.


2017 Desk Calendar Download

The printable 2017 desk calendar measures approximately 2 1/4 cubic inches (5.7cm3). It does not have a tab. Instead, it includes a sliding red sleeve which serves both to show the current week and to keep the box shut.

The download includes two versions:

  • US version starts the week on Sundays and can be printed on 2 sheets of standard letter-sized paper (8.5″ by 11″).
  • A4 European version starts the week on Mondays. Months and days of week are written in English.

The box comes with instructions and is easy to make with a pair of scissors and a touch of glue. For best results, print on light card stock — or on different colored card stock to make a festive collection of calendars!



The picture above shows the 2016 version, which has been updated for 2017


Please note: this download is for the 2017 calendar. If you would like the updated 2018 calendar click here.

Watch the DIY Desk Calendar video tutorial

The 2017 desk calendar download comes with illustrated instructions. In addition, this video tutorial will show you how to make it.

Paper-Rubiks-cube-with-ringIf you like this paper puzzle calendar, you’ll love the working paper Rubik’s cube!

Row Boat

This bright red pop-up row boat seems to bob in the water while a swimmer in her matching red bikini floats nearby. What better way to celebrate summer? If you would like to create your own idyllic scene, print the blank template and decorate it yourself. Either way this is an easy and fun card to make.row boat

Greeting card or paper toy


The gentle ripples fade to white in the distance, so you can add your greetings to the card. Just be careful! If a child sees you make this they might insist on keeping the row boat for themselves, because it doubles as a fun paper toy.

To decorate it yourself, print the blank version of this pop-up card, included for free with this download. Blue paper and plastic cling wrap will create a beautiful shimmering wave effect.

Hard Cover Pencil Case

hard cover pencil case
hard-cover-pencil-case-closedOrganize all your drawing and cutting supplies with this DIY hard cover pencil case. Follow the detailed tutorial on Instructables, and get the FREE pattern by adding this PDF download to your cart.

As always with these free templates, you do have the option to support the designer by naming your price.


This “no-sew” design is easy to make with a few simple tools and supplies, and it will protect and organize your art supplies for years. Customize the interior design to fit your favorite pens, pencils and tools.