2015 Desk Calendar

How can you fit twelve months on a cube with six faces? Watch the video and download the template to find out how. It is surprisingly easy to make this printable desk calendar.

Download includes US and European versions.

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This printable desk calendar comes with a matching pop-up gift label and a sliding red sleeve which serves both to show the current week, and to keep the box shut.

The box comes with instructions and is easy to make with a pair of scissors and a touch of glue. For best results, print on light card stock.

Desk Calendar Template versions for 2015

  • candy-calendarUS version starts the week on Sundays and can be printed on 2 sheets of standard letter-sized paper (8.5″ by 11″).
  • European version starts the week on Mondays and can be printed on 2 sheets of A4 paper. Months and days of week are written in English.
  • Ready-made boxes (US version only) will be available soon.

NEW Valentine versions (in both American and European formats) with a bright red heart on February 14th included in the download. 

Download includes US and European versions.

Now for sale at a 50% discount! Enter code VALENTINE15 when you check out.


How does the Desk Calendar work?

The desk calendar puzzle box mechanism is simple to operate, but counterintuitive. Start by opening the box. Easy, right? All you need to do is rotate the two parts of the box on the hinge. But then KEEP ON ROTATING the parts in the same direction! The two parts rotate around each other without ever becoming detached. The hinge itself moves around the box edges, and finally ends up on the opposite rim. Meanwhile, the pattern on the box has been magically replaced by a completely different pattern.

Now for sale at a 50% discount! Enter code VALENTINE15 when you check out.

Watch the Desk Calendar video tutorial

The Desk calendar template comes with illustrated instructions, but this video tutorial will show you how to make it.

Paper-Rubiks-cube-with-ringIf you like this paper puzzle calendar, you’ll love the working paper Rubik’s cube!

Halloween Cat

Why is this a Halloween cat? At first glance you might think this is just an ordinary cat sitting in a tree — till you notice that its shadow has a life of its own. You can practically hear it hiss! Even a bat is scared and flying away.Halloween-cat

Download the printable template to make this card yourself — but be warned — it is fairly difficult to cut and fold. If you’re too spooked to try it, you can start with this sweet cat pop-up card, witch is much easier to make than the Halloween cat.

Back to School

back-to-school-frontStay sharp and go back to school!

Although this printable pop-up was designed as a “back to school” card, it is versatile enough to be used for many occasions. The template includes instructions and two versions: one with the text, as shown below, and the other with the pictures only… Make up your own caption and then don’t forget to show off your work!

This is an easy to make card, folded in four to make both the exterior and the pop-up on the same sheet of paper.


schoolbusLooking for a different back to school card? This pop-up school bus is also easy to make and it comes in color or black and white for you to color yourself.


Fruit Fly Trap

This paper fruit fly trap is an easy and quick DIY solution to those pesky fruit flies. It looks like an orange but it’s a deadly trap.
Fruit fly trap

blank fruit fly trap

A blank (white) template is available for FREE, or you can purchase this juicy model to print and make as many as you wish for your personal (non-commercial) use.

The “Orange Fruit Fly Trap” includes complete instructions and the design for the luscious oranges pictured here. The template is designed to be printed on both sides of a single letter sized sheet of paper so the cut and fold lines will be invisible on your final product.


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Phoenician Ship

Phoenician shipThe Phoenicians created the first phonetic alphabet and they also made purple dies by grinding up snails — then they sailed all around the Mediterranean sea to trade, using ships with a characteristic square sail. I know all of this because I designed this pop-up Phoenician ship for my son’s social studies presentation. It is easy and quick to make, and like all pop-ups it won’t fail to impress even the most jaded middle school teacher. He got an A for impressing his teacher, and I’ve felt guilty ever since…

This template is FREE, but if you’d like to support my work please feel free to name your price! If you do, I will…

Thank You
…with a template for this pop-up thank you card.

I Love You!

This pop-up card will speak volumes about your love. When your beloved opens up the letter your heart will pop out of the page. The exclamation mark turns into an arrow, pointing straight at the object of your affection. Pierced heart guaranteed!*


* Legal disclaimer: actually, no hearts will be pierced, literally or figuratively with this card. The paper arrow should not cause any harm, and sadly I cannot actually guarantee your affection will be returned — however I am quite certain the card’s recipient will be impressed, which is a good first step.

Stay tuned… a video tutorial is coming shortly!


House and Tree


The house and tree pop up in beautiful 3D, yet this card is surprisingly easy to make — but best of all the whole scene jumps out of a single sheet of paper! The template is formatted on letter sized paper, but it can also be printed on A4.