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The Paper Puzzle Box is a mind-mending, rule defying paper toy, an impossible cube with 12 sides, but until now you could only get it as a download to make yourself. Trouble is, if you want 20 to give a roomful of kids as a birthday party favor, 100 as decoration and souvenirs for your wedding, or 200 to send to all your clients as corporate gifts, DIY isn’t good enough. You will need to have them mass produced. I’m working on it, but I need your help. Join the Kickstarter campaign now and turn these pixels to paper!

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Make pop-up cards & paper craft by downloading these printable templates.

You can make pop-up cards, but you can also make your own printable working Rubik’s cube out of paper! You can build a whole eight room, two story pop-up paper house which you can fold up to store or carry on a trip, pop art lip balm gift wrap, a grand piano, a collapsible chess set, a fruit fly trap, or even a working mechanical calculator for a fun way to teach your kid the multiplication table. Search projects by level of difficulty (from beginner to expert), or just look for my free templates. View video tutorials or learn how to design your own pop-up cards, read books about pop-up cards and find all the tools you need!